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What is Spend Culture?

Just like every person has unique set of values and beliefs influencing how they choose to spend, manage, and invest their own money, each business also has a distinct Spend Culture that impacts its operations.

Spend culture is a segment of a business’s broader organizational culture that encompasses the values and behaviors of the people working within it. An organization’s Spend Culture reflects the shared beliefs and practices that informs how, why and when money should be spent.

Culture is fluid. It evolves over time, with each additional new hire -bringing their own experiences and ideas into the mix. Whether planned or random, all companies have a spend culture. Understanding your company’s spend culture will allow you to make conscious efforts to influence and guide it, gaining greater control over how the company vision is executed on the ground floor.

What Others Are Saying:

Matt Levin
VP Marketing, Simplereach
“Our culture is best summed up as 'act like it's your business,' because in many ways - it is! Your spend culture is in many ways a reflection of your overall business culture.”
Peter Strack
“The way our company spends money is strategic and never random. Our spending culture is not frivolous. When the terms are clear, and we get what we want, we are ready to pay for it."
Jon Brodsky
County Manager,
“We are in the business of helping consumers make the best financial decisions and that is reflected in our spend culture. We’re very transparent with our earnings and how we’re reinvesting revenue with our crew, which has helped create that spend culture of always assessing value and seeking most cost effective option.”